Tirupati International

We create unique solutions that are based on a thorough analysis of customer requirements and thus able to meet the customers individual needs so that our solutions are both useful and helpful.

Tailor-made or Custom software is specially developed to meet specific requirements and as such, it can be bracketed with the use of software packages developed for the multiple and extensive users at the same time, We also provide custom software for critical functions, including content management, inventory management, customer management, human resource management.Software development and development of software applications have exactly defined methodic for all their phases, covering each category of activities related to analysis, specification, testing, and support.

Doing it your way

One of the major advantages of a custom app is that you take part in its development by setting your requirements for it. As a result, the developers build the app that totally fits your company’s needs and facilitates its work. Those companies that use the software aimed at a broad audience often have to adjust their workflow to the capacity of a particular app. The situation is opposite with the customized apps. Since you have a unique solution at hand, you stay competitive in the market

Getting instant support

A customized application built by your developers allows for more freedom regarding updates and support. You can communicate your requirements and suggestions to the team and get their immediate and quality support. Also, custom apps are hosted on your server, so you don’t have to pay extra money for hosting

Avoiding potential risks

Ready-made software used by many companies is often exposed to hacking. However, if you use the app provided by a custom software development company, you may fear only some targeted attacks which are usually prevented in advance due to the enhanced security measures. You can also ask your development company to integrate your app with other software to facilitate teamwork.

Building the software in chunks

Having your personal team of developers is very beneficial since you can fully control the functionality of the product. It means that you can test the usability of a certain feature and then decide whether it’s worth keeping or it should be removed. If something needs to be altered, your custom software development team will help you make necessary changes. This way you’ll achieve the highest level of performance.